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The Viverae Care center has one goal in mind, and that’s creating a healthier you.

The Viverae Care Center (VVC) offers private, unrushed healthcare that promises to be unlike any you have experienced before.

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Viverae Care Center Services

Annual Physical

Thorough, detailed and time-intense annual physical examination and evaluation that leads to specific recommendations. Please allow a half day for the examination and discussion of findings and goal setting. Annual physicals with Dr. Lyles are required for all patients even if “executive” physicals are done elsewhere (Mayo Clinic, Cooper Clinic, etc.)

Screening Cardiovascular Testing

Screening cardiovascular testing that includes ultrasound of the heart (echocardiogram), ultrasound of the carotid arteries in the neck (the “stroke” arteries), and exercise stress testing.

Health Screenings

Health screenings that include vision, hearing, lung capacities, and measurement of basal metabolic rate.

Detailed & Up-To-Date Lab Testing

Detailed and up-to-date lab testing for predisposition to heart disease, cancer, and metabolic health problems.

Physical Conditioning & Exercise Evaluation

Physical conditioning and exercise evaluation by an exercise physiologist, along with detailed exercise program.

Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition consultations by professional and experienced registered dietitians in the areas of weight control, gastrointestinal problems, cholesterol management, and diabetes.

Mood Screening

Mood (psychological) screening.

We Focus on Prevention.; Early Detection.; YOU.

Our Focus Is On You

Our Mission:

To evaluate, design, and coordinate the individual care of our patients. We focus on prevention and early detection to help patients understand and appreciate their current health status while guiding them through the coming years.

Meet Dr. Lyles

Short term, prevention is a small investment in time and money, and long term, it provides dividends in healthy benefits. Good health is an asset that does not depreciate over time.

My hope is to be your advocate, your teacher, and your health guide
as the Viverae Care Center becomes your medical home
to explore every aspect of your health and well-being.

– Dr. Boyd Lyles

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Dr. Boyd Lyles, Dallas, Texas

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