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Why am I so tired?

Fatigue is a very common complaint among adults. That concern is understandable, as not having energy or stamina robs us of a lot of joy in life and limits our daily productivity. Here are some reasons (some not so obvious) why we struggle through the day: Lack ...

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Aspirin Sensitivity and Resistance

Since the 1970s, doctors have been recommending that people, especially men, who are at increased risk of coronary heart disease take a preventive aspirin daily. Most have focused on the low dose of 81 mg, although there have been suggestions that 162 mg is more ...

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The Truth About Calcium Supplements

Most believe that calcium supplements only benefit adults (except, maybe, those with kidney stones), protecting them from declining bone strength. Some may believe these supplements could help those with osteoporosis (weak bones) specifically, but recent research ...

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Why am I so tired?

March 6, 2016

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